Frequently Asked Questions

I had already applied to ASELSAN before. Do I need to apply again?

The application forms of our candidates, who have applied before 01.02.2014, are also kept in our system. However, if these candidates need to update any information on their application forms they have register and re-apply.

I have graduated from high school. Are there any job opportunities for me at ASELSAN?

There are job opportunities at ASELSAN for candidates graduated from vocational high schools. However, we do not possess any job opportunities for regular high school graduates

Are there any job opportunities at ASELSAN for drivers, security and cleaning services?

There are no job opportunities at ASELSAN for driving, security and cleaning services

Does ASELSAN publish job advertisements?

The applications of our candidates are kept, forming a talent pool to be monitored when job opportunities arise. When that occurs, applicants whose qualities complying with the job requirements, are contacted. To enrich our talent pool and/or to diversify it for specific areas of expertise, we can publish ads via our career pages in social media and on our web site.

When are the exams for technicians?

There is no specific examination calendar for recruiting technicians. Exams are held based on job opportunities at any given time during the calendar year

What are the application dates and requirements for Co-Op Work?

Applications are submitted through June-September for co-op work. Senior engineering students, from reputable universities around Turkey, with a cumulative GPA of at least 3 out of 4 can be co-op candidates.

I have e-mailed my resume to . Do I also need to submit an application?

You need to register and submit an application form. You can also attach your resume to your application

I am studying at Vocational High School. What are the application dates and requirements for vocational and technical training?

Applications are submitted through our website between February the 1st –February the 28th

I am studying at the university. What are the application dates and requirements for internship?

Applications are submitted through our website between March the 1st – March the 31st.

After I submit my application form, should I wait for you get back to me or should I call you first?

As a result of pre-monitoring the applications each month, the candidates who possess our basic placement requirements are informed via e-mail. Candidates who comply with the basic requirements are contacted by the Recruitment and Selection Team when job opportunities arise. Therefore, the candidate does not need to call the Human Resources first.

At ASELSAN, when do the employees gain the right for annual leave and how long is the duration of annual leave?

Our employees gain the right for annual leave at the end of their first year at ASELSAN. However, in accordance with the needs of our employees and upon the approval of his/her manager, before they complete their first year they can use some of their annual leave in debt.

The duration of annual leave based on our employees’ length of service is as follows:

1 - 5 years; 15 days

6-15 years; 20 days

Over 15 years; 26 days

I Have retired from ASELSAN. What should I do to get a retired employee?

To get a retired employee ID, you may apply to Human Resources. Only after the application, your ID will be prepared and sent to you as soon as possible

I still have questions. Who can I contact with?

If you still have questions which are not answered at our web site, you can always ask them by sending an e-mail to . Our team will get back to you within a weeks time.