​With its wealth of technological expertise and diversity, ASELSAN is Turkey’s largest R&D center...

As stressed during its foundation, the motto, “to develop unique products and systems by making use of critical technologies”, is the guarantee of ASELSAN’s future.

As underlined by the founders of ASELSAN during the foundation of the company, our basic strategy is to develop unique products and systems by making use of critical technologies. Maintaining its steady growth for 38 years, ASELSAN has reached such a high level as a result of the importance that it attaches to its qualified man power and R&D activities. The qualified man power is the main capital of R&D and innovation.

ASELSAN is Turkey’s largest R&D base with its deep and intensive technological expertise. ASELSAN, a highly capable and deeply rooted institution that turns R&D activities into products, operates under four divisions.


46 % Universities($3,1 billion)

11 %Public($0,7 billion)

43 %Industry($2,9 billion)


%76 Industry- excl.Defence (2,2 Milyar $)

%24 Defence(0,7 Milyar $)


%61Other (412 Milyon $)

%39 Aselsan (260 Milyon $)

Universities are one of the most important stakeholders of defense companies, whose primary capital is qualified man power. Universities offer not only qualified man power and education facilities but also an increasing contribution to the industry’s technology development activities. The new ideas developed at the universities are involved in our products as innovative solutions.

Thanks to its extensive technological expertise and the differences it makes, our Company will continue to provide maximum contribution to our national targets in a number of areas, from defense electronics required by our country to electronics to Turkey's export targets. Moreover, we produce military technologies with a particular focus on the products and systems imported by our country; we strive to ensure a portion of these technologies are applied in various civil areas like telecommunications (4G), rail systems and medical systems.  ​​