ASELSAN Research Center Publication Activities


The Edited Book, Linear Canonical Transforms-Theory and Applications including the chapter Fast Algorithms for Digital Computation of Linear Canonical Transforms written by Aykut Koç, PhD, who is a Program Manager at ASELSAN Research Center, has been published by Springer New York and is ready for international sales as of January 2016.

This book provides a clear and accessible introduction to the essential mathematical foundations of linear canonical transforms from a signals and systems perspective. It will also serve as a reference for researchers in the fields of image and signal processing, wave propagation, optical information processing and holography, optical system design and modeling, and quantum optics.
Consisting of 15 Chapters written by scientists/researchers specialized in the related fields, this book has been edited by John J. Healy, M. Alper Kutay, Haldun M. Özaktaş and John T. Sheridan. As it presents the most up-to-date literature related to almost all aspects of Linear Canonical Transforms, it has a substantial contribution to the literature.
Aykut Koç, PhD, is the leading author of the Chapter Fast Algorithms for Digital Computation of Linear Canonical Transforms in which the fast and accurate computation algorithms, which enables Linear Canonical Transforms to be applied in practice, are presented.