HERİKKS Air Defense Early Warning Command and Control System

HERİKKS is an Air Defence Early Warning Command, Control, Communications and Intelligence System that manages the air defence activities on Tactical Level. HERİKKS basically provides the interface among radar and weapon systems and organizes these separate systems so that they act as a coherent integrated air defense system. HERİKKS takes air threat information from a variety of radars, produces a recognised air picture in real time and assigns the available air defence weapons to selected targets.

Important Features

  • Generation and distribution of real-time correlated air picture
  • Target identification
  • Distribution of real-time early warning and cueing information to Air Defence Weapon Systems
  • Real-time monitoring of the battlespace
  • Display and distribution of system unit status including location, operational readiness and equipment status
  • Production of radar and weapon deployment plan with radar coverage and weapon effectiveness analysis on 3D digital maps
  • Manual, semi-automatic or automatic engagements by Threat Assignment and Weapon Assignment (TEWA) algorithm
  • Secure communications by using ASELSAN's Tactical Area Communications System
  • Simulation and replay for training and analysis
  • Provides interfaces to external systems via Link-1 and Link-11B, Link-16, JREAP and LLAPI