ASELSAN Battle Management and Unit Tracking System (BATUR) is a command control and information system that provides common tactical picture, decision aids and functionalities to support the preparation, execution and after mission phases of operation for the contact units, multiplying the effectiveness of the maneuvers.

BATUR is designed to be fielded on mounted and dismounted maneuver forces including armored, mechanized infantry and infantry battalions and their combat support and combat service support units. BATUR provides the functionalities for enabling  the users to perform their command and control activities on a digital platform, and reach the information they require in a timely manner.

BATUR, provides digital interfaces to other electronic subsytems that are available on the military vehicle platforms such as main battle tanks and armored vehicles. The available information can be distributed to all the users of the BATUR system that are connected through the communication network.

BATUR provides seamless battle command and increases the operational capabilities of the maneuver units from battalion to platform/single soldier level.

Integrated Solution For All Elements Of The Battalion Task Force

  • Main Battle Tanks 
  • Command Vehicles
  • Armored Personnel Carriers
  • Armored Fighting Vehicles
  • Surveillance and Reconnaissance Vehicles 
  • Engineer Vehicles 
  • Support Vehicles 
  • Dismounted Infantry Personnel

Important Features

  • ​Situational Awareness
    - Friendly Force Tracking
    - Enemy Information
    - Battlefield Information
  • Preparation of Plans, Orders and Military Overlays
  • Operational and Logistics Status
  • Military Reports and Messages
  • Movement Planning and Control
  • Use of Digital Maps and GIS Tools
  • Sensor Management
  • Interoperability with Other Armed Forces Systems
  • Decision Support and Automation
  • Easily Configurable and Modular Architecture