TAIKS Fire Support Command Control Communication System

Fire Support Command, Control and Communication System (TAIKS) is a command, control, communications and information system which provides the automation of planning and execution of fire support. The system can be used at Fire Direction Centers, Fire Support Coordination Centers and Tactical Operation Centers in echelons from corps down to battalions.

TAIKS allows commanders and selected fire support personnel to monitor fire support operations and issue guidance and directions from widely dispersed battle field locations.

TAIKS analyzes the targets in accordance with the commander’s intent and criteria, status of all available fire support assets (e.g. weapons, ammunition, readiness and firing range) tactical situation, battlefield conditions, status of friendly and hostile units as well as fire support coordination measures. TAIKS will assure that targets are fired at the right time, with the most appropriate weapons and munitions.

TAIKS can also be integrated to command and control systems of other battlefield functions, such as maneuver,  and air defense.

Important Features

  • Fire support planning
  • Target management
  • Tactical Situational Awareness
  • Fire support execution
  • Technical fire direction
  • Munitions Effects Analysis
  • Support management
  • ​Integration with C4I systems
  • Digital Communication
  • Digital Map
  • Reporting