Automatic Ammunition Transfer System For The Self Propelled Howitzer (FIRTINA) Artillery Ammunition Resupply Vehicle

The 155 mm, 52 caliber FIRTINA sPH is one of the best of its category with outstanding features such as improved digital fire control system, capability of digital integration to the upper Fire Control Centers. Land Forces Command has commenced a new project for development and production of Ammunition Resupply Vehicle to enhance the effectiveness of the FIRTINA sPH.

FIRTINA sPH Artillery Ammunition Resupply Vehicle can execute the voice or digital orders coming from upper command centers. Through the Global Positioning System(GPS) on the vehicle, it can change its position and deploy rapidly. On the digital map it is possible to see the positions of ammunition supply points, friendly and hostile units, known points, command center positions and battlefield information.   

The main function of the Ammunition Transfer System integrated into the FIRTINA Artillery Ammunition Resupply Vehicle is to load the ammunition on the ammunition transfer point easily and rapidly to the Ammunition Resupply Vehicle, to place the ammunition into the vehicle, to carry the ammunition and afterwards to unload the ammunition to the FIRTINA sPH’s which are located on their emplacement.  

Ammunition Transfer System executes the main functions stated below;

    - Conveyor Aligning / Approaching
    - Ammunition Loading / Unloading
    - Inventory Management