ASELSAN Survey Command Post System provides planning, control and distribution of survey data measured by survey system. The system integrates Survey Post Systems to C4I system.

ASELSAN Survey Post System provides precise location and azimuth data on the field for fire support assets. The Survey Post System reduces the time to determine the location and azimuth data compared to classical survey methods. The system is the cost effective, highly mobile, survivable, flexible, high performance and compact solution to field artillery survey. It combines GPS/VMS aided fiber optic inertial navigation technology with high performance angle/distance measuring theodolite.

Important Features

  • Survey Planning
  • Rapid deployment 
  • Command and Control of Survey Posts
  • Management and Control of Survey Data
  • Precise Location and Azimuth Data
  • Integration to C4I Systems
  • Digital Communication
  • Digital Map Functions
  • Reporting​