DRAGONEYE Electro-Optic Sensor System

DRAGONEYE  is an integrated electro-optic sensor system which incorporates basically:

•  Thermal Imaging Sensor

•  Laser Range Finder

•  Color Day Camera

•  GPS Receiver

•  DMC

DRAGONEYE  uses the advanced technologies and offers different sensors into one compact and ergonomic design. It comprises a thermal imaging sensor, color day camera and eye-safe laser range finder.

DRAGONEYE  is a state-of-the art product fulfilling the requirements for target acquisition in extensive ranges. User has the advantage of using a high performance thermal imaging sensor for day and night observation and target positioning capability. Any threat may be located with high accuracy by simply pushing laser range button, and system displays target coordinate. It performs all calculations by its embedded software without user intervention.


•  Border Surveillance

•  Coastal Surveillance

•  Reconnaissance

•  Situational Awareness

•  Long Range Surveillance

•  Law Enforcement

Main Features

•  Network Enabled

•  Auto Target-Tracker

•  Still Image Capture/ Video Record

•  Continuous optical zoom

•  Digital video outputs

•  Automatic Motion Detection

•  Automatic image optimization and image enhancement

•  Coordinates of target are calculated in real time

•  Advanced User Interface

•  External software update

Technical Specifications     

Thermal Imager    

Sensor:    Cooled, 640 x 512 15µm

Spectral Band:    MWIR (3-5 µm)

Cool-down Time:    < 7 min (at 23°C)

E-zoom:    x2

Gain/Brightness Control:    Auto or Manual

Focus:    Auto or Manual

Different Lens Versions:         x1,               x2

Field of View (±%10)    

                NFOV               1.8ºx1.44º    0.9ºx0.7º

                MFOV                10ºx8º            5ºx4º

                WFOV               30ºx24º        15ºx12º

Continuous Zoom Lens        Ok               Ok

Laser Range Finder 

Class 1, Eye safe       1.54 µm    

Range       < 20 km  

Accuracy       ±5m rms   

HD-Color TV        

Sensor:       CCD   

Field of View       

  3 Preset Field of View

  Narrow, Medium,Wide FOV.

Continuous from NFOV to WFOV

E-zoom       x12   

Digital Magnetic Compass   

  Accuracy    3° rms   


  Accuracy    15 rms  

Power Interface

Power Input                            18V-33V

Video Interface

Digital                                       Ethernet, HD-SDI

Communication Interface RS-422, 1000 Ethernet

Standard Accessories

    Optical Cleaning Kit

    Carrying Case

    Transportation Case

    AC/DC Converter

    Cable Set


Optional Accessories

    Motorized Pan&Tilt


    Tough Book

    LCD Monitor

    External Battery

    Battery Charger

Note: All tolerances are within ±10%. Specifications may change without prior notice.