Helicopter Electronic Warfare System (HEWS)

Helicopter Electronic Warfare System (HEWS) is the “Integrated Self Protection System” developed by ASELSAN for fixed and rotary wing aircrafts. Integrated via a Suite Central Processing System, HEWS provides

    Radar Warning,
    Missile Warning,
    Laser Warning,
    RF Jamming,
    Chaff/Flare Dispensing

functions with complete situational awareness and threat specific countermeasure application capabilities.

RWR with the digital receivers operating in the narrow and wide bands together with optional geolocation capability and RFJ making use of Digital RF Memory (DRFM) technology together with the “state-of-the-art” solid state active electronically scanned phased array  provides RF spectrum coverage with the most advanced countermeasure techniques. As an integrated and adaptive EW self-protection system, HEWS performs multispectral threat evaluation with an advanced decision fusion process. HEWS applies the optimized countermeasures, including combined techniques to defeat the identified radar and/or missile threat. The Suite provides an advanced human-machine interface, indicative audio warnings and alerts, in-flight event recording, pulse description word recording, blanking management, single point mission data file and mission report loading/downloading, night vision goggles compatibility, GPS/INS/IMU usage.

HEWS is designed with an open architecture which enables the flexibility to change the system configuration depending on the platform requirements without SW modification.