ADF-3401 is a high-end, state-of-the-art equipment for all types of COMINT-DF applications.  As a key equipment in a-SMARD (ASELSAN Surveillance, Monitoring and Radio Direction Finding Family), ADF-3401 is ready to provide fast, accurate direction finding functionality in fixed, land mobile, naval, airborne platforms.

ADF-3401 frequency coverage of 20-3000 MHz, can be extended upto 6 GHz.

ADF-3401 provides the capabilities to perform search and detection of emissions in a wide band and determine angle of arrival of the detected signals.

Meeting the challenge of the modern frequency environment, including burst, FHSS, DSSS signal types, the ADF-3401 utilizes the latest technology to achieve outstanding DF performance and high sensitivity.

​Frequency coverage    ​20-3000 MHz
​Instrumental DF acc.     ​0,3° rms or better
​Power input​    ​Power input    20-32VDC (<175W)
​Size     ​19 inch, 4U, 36 cm depth
​Weight     <22 kg​
​Shock/Vibration    MIL-STD-810G​
​Operating temp. range    ​0/+50°C
​Storage temp. range    -40/+60°C​

Important Features

    Wide Frequency coverage
    3-6 GHz extension option
    Conduction cooled architecture
    Compatible with a-SMARD family of  products; Mon./WB receivers, Recorders, etc.
    Demodulation capability for AM/FM/LSB/USB/CW/IQ signals
    Band scan, channel scan, frequency/band lock-out features
    Online remote controlled operation via Ethernet interface
    SW support packages, for fixed, land mobile, naval and airborne applications