Almost all COMINT operations necessitate monitoring of multiple communications nets simultaneously. ARM-3401 is a Digital Monitoring Receiver designed for military and professional applications where high end products are needed. 1U Half Rack form factor and compact size (compared to its specifications and features) make it easy to stack for multiple monitoring channel requirements

With its 20-3000 MHz frequency coverage, ARM-3401 is also a key member of a-SMARD, ASELSAN Surveillance, Monitoring and Radio Direction Finding Family of equipment/products.

Along with the ARM-3401, user interface SW running on PC platform is also provided featuring, band scan, channel scan, panoramic scan, listing operations; capable of driving multiple receivers.

ARM-3401 Monitoring Receiver is command compatible with other a-SMARD equipment allowing easy application SW developments. Ethernet based control interface provides remote operation.

ARM-3401 is suitable for fixed, land mobile, naval, airborne platforms.

​Frequency coverage    ​20-3000 MHz
​Tuning speed    ​1 msec or better
​Tuning resolution    ​ 100 Hz
​Instantaneous IFBW    ​1 MHz
​Programmable IF filters        ​15 Filters (within 0,2-500 KHz range)
Frequency stability​    ±1 ppm or better
    ​-107/-105/-109/-116 dBm typical  (20-1100 MHz)​
Power input/cons.
    18-32VDC/<60W  (w/o options)
    1U, Half Rack, 50 cm depth
​Total weight     ​<5 kg
​EMI/EMC     ​MIL-STD-461E
​Operating temp. range    ​-10/+50°C
​Storage temp. range    ​-40/+70°C

Important Features

    Wide Frequency coverage
    Compatible with a-SMARD family of  products; DF Systems WB receivers, recorders, etc.
    Online remote controlled operation via 1 Gb Ethernet interface
    Band scan, channel scan, frequency/band lock-out, panorama scan features
    AM, FM, CW, USB, LSB, ISB, demodulation
    Digital data stream IQ output at the selected IF BW
    Digital audio output
    Two analog line out on the rear panel, headphone jack-out on the front panel
    Separate antenna input for HF
    10 MHz Reference In/Out
    Adjustable BW 10 KHz-1 MHz Panoramic display digital  data output
    Mechanical accessories for table top operation and single in 19 inch, two side-by-side rack mounting