ASELSAN Man-Pack ESM/ELINT System (ARES-2LC/T) is small in size, light in weight and has easy deployment and operation features. It can be operated in complex combat environment where it is difficult for vehicle to reach. Four or five soldiers can carry the equipment units to the deployment site to execute the mission.

ARES-2LC/T can search, intercept, measure, analyze, DF and classify conventional and complex types of signals for ground, airborne, naval radars like missile seeker, guidance radar, ship born tracking radar, fire control radar.​
General Features

    Modular Units Design
    Wide-Band Microwave Digital Receiver Architecture
    High Probability of Intercept (POI)
    Low Probability of False Alarm
    Capability of Frequency, PRF, PW, Antenna Scan Type/Period, Modulation Type Measurements
    Inter-Pulses and Intra-Pulse Analysis
    Direction Finding, (Amplitude and/or Phase Comparison Method)
    Ability to operate while CW emitters are around
    Mission Data File including Sub-modes (Frequency, PW, PRI parameters), Radars, and Platforms
    Identification of emitters via Mission Data File and Operator Data File
    Capability of Audible and Visual Alarms for Lock-on, CW emitters, Guided Missiles and for the emitters defined in Mission Data File, Operator Data File and Alarm List
    Capability for Soft Filtering over the desired Frequency and Azimuth Sectors
    High Reliability and Easy Maintenance​