ASELSAN Naval Platform Radar ESM System

Within its operating frequency range (2-18 GHz) ARES-2N offers a wide range of solutions for naval platforms. System has the capability of detecting, intercepting, identifying, classifying, tracking, Direction Finding (DF), localizing, audio warning, platform correlating and recording the electromagnetic emissions.

 The system provides wideband intercept of radar signals. Single DF in wide frequency band and high signal processing speed facilitate the processing of complex radar signals. A key feature of the system is its precision parameter measurement and advanced emitter characterisation capabilities. The system can trace marked emitters automatically and locate them.

The system has high probability of intercept capability with its wideband receiver architecture. The high processing sensitivity provides long range detection capability and low LPI radar detection capability. Bandwidth selectivity allows the system to be immune to the desentesitization that occurs in wide-open systems when CW signals or pulse doppler signals are present in the environment.​
General Features

    Wide-Band Microwave Digital Receiver Arthitecture
    High Probability of Intercept (POI)
    Low Probability of False Alarm
    Capability of Frequency, PRF, PW, Antenna Scan Type/Period, Modulation Type Measurements
    Inter-Pulse Analysis
    Direction Finding, (Amplitude Comparison Method)
    CW/FMCW emitter detection
    Ability to operate while CW emitters are around
    Mission Data File Support
    Detection of emitters with LPI characteristics
    Emitter Identification
    Audible and Visual Alarms for Lock-on, CW emitters, Guided Missiles etc.

    Capability for Soft Filtering over Frequency and Azimuth Sectors
    Blanking interface with the emitters on-board
    High Reliability and Easy Maintenance
    MIL-STD-810F  and MIL-STD-461E Compatible
    Single Operator Usage
    Ship Navigation Data Support
    Interface with Combat Management System
    Off-line and On-line System Built-In Test (BIT)
    Digital Recording of Intercept Files
    Transfer of Intercept File Records via portable media
    S-57/S-63 Digital Map Usage
    Emitter Locations on Digital Map
    APP-6B Symbology Usage
    Screen snapshot and video records
    Platform Identification