GERGEDAN - Portable RCIED Jammer System (Vehicle Type)

GERGEDANTM Portable RCIED Jammer System is designed to protect convoys, VIP vehicles in motion and static infrastructure (e.g. Entry Control Points, High Value Assets, Checkpoints, Facilities) against the utilization of Radio Controlled Improvised Explosive Devices (RCIEDs), by jamming the communication between these devices and threats.
GERGEDANTM is a Software Defined Jammer utilizing the technique called “DDS-based FPGA-controlled Swept Jamming”. Thanks to its built-in in-theater-programming capability, GERGEDANTM can be easily configured to serve customer’s tactical and operational needs, by connecting to a standard laptop computer.

GERGEDANTM is a portable and vehicle independent system. It can be conveniently installed on any type of vehicle (e.g. SUV sized vehicles, military trucks, etc.) without any need of modification on the vehicle, and can be easily moved from a vehicle to another. Permanent or temporary mounting on the vehicles are possible.

GERGEDANTM is controlled by the Remote Control Unit (RCU). Continuous monitoring of the system status is achieved through the RCU’s display panel, providing the operator with the necessary information to operate the system; including, mode, status, alerts, power levels, battery power, temperature and faults. A System Control Unit which has the same functionality of the RCU is also provided on the system.​