Land-Based Transportable Radar ESM/ELINT System

Land-Based Transportable Radar ESM/ELINT System is developed to search, intercept, analyse, classify and find direction of conventional and complex type of radar signals.
General Features

    Designed to detect, intercept, analyse and record radar signals in a highly dense environment
    Wide operating frequency range
    High probability-of-intercept
    Various types of receivers to provide “wide instantaneous bandwidth”, “high parameter accuracy” and “high sensitivity” requirements
    Creation and maintenance of Electronic Order of Battle (EOB) picture
    Inter-and intra-pulse recording
    Emitter finger printing using a narrow band channel
    Operating with other Radar ESM/ELINT systems to generate threat location data
    Integral threat library for emitter identification
    Single operator, single vehicle
    High reliability and high availability
    Ruggedized for use in harsh environments
    Modular architecture to allow easy customization
    System-in-test and Built-in-test capability
    Local or remote control
    Secure voice and data communications with other EW systems
    Different antenna assemblies mounted on a 10 m deployable mast​