SAPAN - Programmable Reactive RCIED Jammer System

SAPANTM Reactive RCIED Jammer System is designed and developed to protect convoys and VIP vehicles in motion, against RF Controlled Improvised Explosive Devices (RCIEDs), by jamming the communication between these devices and threats.

SAPANTM Programmable Active / Reactive RCIED Jammer has the ability to quickly survey the frequency spectrum and react immediately on the active signals.Hardware and the software algorithms are developed in such a way that any inevitable delay and all processing periods are minimized / optimized within the system. Ultrafast wideband tuners and DDS-based, FPGA-controlled exciters are utilized.

The range of effectiveness for the Reactive Jammer is much greater than an Active Jammer with the same output power. To achieve the same range, an Active Jammer has to radiate approximately 1000 times more RF power.