Missile Data Link System

Missile Data Link Systems are aimed to enhance the command & control capability of the systems by providing continuous, secure communication between missile and launcher platforms.

Long/Medium Range Antitank Missile Data Link

Data Link, which is developed under Long and Medium Range Antitank Missile System Programs (UMTAS/OMTAS), performs point-to-point duplex digital communication that transmits video data generated by seeker camera to the user in near-real time and transmits the user commands (target marking, target locking, seeker gimbal movement) back to the missile by using its receiver, transmitter and antennas.

UMTAS/OMTAS Missiles are being developed by ROKETSAN

Intended use of UMTAS/OMTAS Data Link is to improve command and control capabilities of the missile as part of "fire and update" concept and to transmit continuous and up-to-date target and target destruction data to user in.

Low/Mid Altitude Air Defense Missile Data Link

Data Link, which is developed under Low and Mid Altitude Air Defense Missile System Programs (HİSAR A/O), performs point-to-multipoint digital communication between launcher platform and missiles to transmit mid-course guidance data to the missiles during the flight.

​​​​General Specifications for Missile Data Link Solutions​
​​​​​Indigenous design
​​​​​Point-to-point or point-to-multipoint communication
​​​​LOS communication
​​​​​Downlink and/or Uplink data transmission
​​​​​Secure data transmission (TRANSEC and/or COMSEC)