HIZIR - Torpedo Countermeasure System for Surface Ships

HIZIR Torpedo Countermeasure System is a state-of-the-art torpedo countermeasure system designed for surface ships. HIZIR basically detects, classifies and localizes the threat torpedoes and advises the appropriate countermeasure tactics to escape from the threat torpedoes.
HIZIR System comprises; Towed Array, Towed Decoy, Winch, Electronic Cabinet, Launchers, Expendable Decoys, Display/Control Units (Consoles)

Towed Array has triplet hydrophone structure with advanced detection, classification and localization algorithms that immediately resolve left-right ambiguity of incoming torpedo threats without requiring the ship to maneuver. Once a torpedo is detected, the system advices to the operator the most appropriate tactic for evading the torpedo threat. These tactics include the evasive maneuver of the ship, the operational parameters of towed decoy and the deployment pattern of expandable decoys.

Towed Decoy is a programmable unit that emits wideband acoustic noise to mask own-ship noise. On the other hand, expendable decoys emits wideband noise to cut the engagement of the torpedo and emulates acoustic characteristics of own-ship to attract the torpedo in jammer and decoy mode, respectively.