Mobile Search Radar

​Air Defense Weapon System Mobile Search Radar

ASELSAN Mobile Search Radar is a short range 3D search and track radar for mobile air defense weapon systems and point air defense of critical assets. The radar can track multiple targets accurately, adding classification and identification information to each target track. The system has been designed specifically for tracked vehicle integration and may be used as the main vehicle-mount search radar for low altitude air defense command control and missile systems.

The Mobile Search Radar is the new generation reflection of ASELSAN's heritage in air defense radar systems. Elaborately equipped with advanced radar technologies, the system employs and agile Active Phased Array Antenna that provides electronic scanning in elevation, complemented with its Digital Beamforming architecture that provides wide close in area elevation coverage together with elevation angular resolution.

When agility is the driving requirement for the main search and track radar in a dynamic battlefield, the Mobile Search Radar does not leave much room for alternatives.

Important Features
X-Band transmission frequency
70km maximum range
Solid state design
Active phased array antenna
Pulse compression
3-D target search and track
Simultaneous tracking of multiple air targets
Automatic Target Classification
Short reaction time
Electronic stabitdzation
Remote operation from Command & Control Center