KAPLAN Unmanned Ground Vehicle Family

KAPLAN Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV) Family is the new generation multi-purpose product family based on a rugged high-mobility vehicle platform and a modular operator control unit. The KAPLAN UGV Family can be equipped with various mission specific payload kits and a unique structure providing seamless interoperability.

KAPLAN UGVs can be controlled through an advanced network enabled control station, supporting adjustable control levels ranging from simple tele-operation to automatized procedures. The human-machine interface is designed to assist the operator in difficult operational scenarios, decreasing the task load while increasing the situational awareness.

Equipped with reliable, military grade and field proven equipment, KAPLAN UGVs are able to work under demanding environmental conditions.

KAPLAN UGVs can also be easily equipped with different payloads according to the mission's requirements due to its modular structure.  The vehicles can be utilized in reconnaissance, surveillance and target acquisition activities, detection and disposal of buried mines or IEDs and electronic warfare applications.

KAPLAN Unmanned Ground Vehicle Family