Benefits & Facilities

Educational Opportunities

Based on the requirements of our employees' job descriptions; there are opportunities such as paid leave which can be used during master's and doctorate degree education, as well as Ph.D. and foreign language courses abroad.

Flexible Working Hours

Flexible working hours which are determined in compliance with the work flow is applied in all of our premises.

Private Health Insurance

In compliance with the principal of equality, we provide all our employees a private health insurance plan which can be broadened to include their spouses and children.

Our Transportation Services

In all of our premises, we have a transportation network which reaches not only to the city center, but also to suburbs around town through more than 200 bus/mini-bus services. We also provide transportation downtown, for our employees who work overtime and to several university campuses such as METU, Bilkent and Hacettepe for our employees who pursue their graduate education.

Social Activities

There are social activity opportunities the costs of which are paid by our company. These opportunities are renewed each year and our employees have the chance to gather around and socialize with their fellow co-workers outside the working environment.


Every employee has the right for paid leave, which can be used in compliance with their work flow within the quotas determined for all of our premises. Annual leave quotas of ASELSAN employees are calculated considering their previous work experiences-if there are any-which are registered in the Social Security Record so that without wasting any of their legal right for annual leave they can commence working at ASELSAN.

Food Court Facilities or Tickets

In our premises, there are either food courts in which our employees can taste specially prepared meals provided in at least two delicious menu options or tickets that can be used in cafes or restaurants around their facilities where there is no food court.