Recruitment and Selection

We look forward to recruiting new members who are able and willing to take on the challenge to shape new directions in technology, attached to the highest ethical standards, possess the ability to think out of the box and are excellent team members. We expect our candidates to be leaders of change and continuous. If you want to be a part of our team please click  for the application form.

We help university students shape their future. We get together with them during Career Fairs, and we provide information about job opportunities at ASELSAN as well as general information about post-graduation job seeking processes. We are constantly in contact with various student organizations at the universities; we support them by participating in the panels, presentations and competitions they organize.

Internship and Co-Op Work offer university students the chance to sneak peak what it feels like to be a member of ASELSAN family. Approximately 700 university students get the chance to eyewitness, onsite, the implementation of theoretical information to new technologies by the professionals in their fields. To view application requirements and to apply, please click. During Co-Op Work, undergraduate seniors; who are studying Engineering and have an excellent academic performance get the opportunity to work part-time in ASELSAN. They have the chance to experience real-time work at real-time projects and to be able to get the feel of working at different areas in engineering. To view application requirements and to apply, please click.

Within the framework of the Vocational Education Law, there is an opportunity of vocational and technical skill training for 12th grade students of Vocational High Schools. To view application requirements and to apply, please click​.​