ASELSAN has been ranked ninth, going up two in order, according to the "Most Favorite Companies" research conducted by Bloomberg Businessweek Turkey and Realta Consulting on 18,635 students from 89 universities in Turkey.

Students determined the companies they most liked, participating in the sixth "Most Favorite Companies" research this year by Bloomberg Businessweek Turkey and Realta Consulting.

ASELSAN, among 235 companies evaluated, continued its rise on the list by taking the ninth place.

ASELSAN, as a company in the defence sector with 4,500 employees, was a suprise of last year's research. ASELSAN, entering the list for the first time as number 11 last year, moved two numbers up on the list this year. Devrim Aksu, ASELSAN's Human Resources Manager, stated that "they have increased recruitment by 4% since 2013", and that "23% of those who were hired in 2013 were new graduates". ASELSAN predicts a similar picture for the year 2014. ASELSAN, Turkey's most preferred company in the defense sector thanks to its competitive benefits and compensation plans, continuously strenghtens its wage policy with regular salary surveys.

Devrim Aksu also added that "new graduates start their career at ASELSAN with very good salaries".

However, students do not favor ASELSAN only because of its highly regarded wage policy. According to recent research results, ASELSAN has risen to the rank of 74 on the list of best companies of the World in the defense sector. ASELSAN, ranked first with its investment and human resource in research and development in Turkey, is seen by generation Y as one of the best companies to work for. ​

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