Human Resources (R&D Centers) and Technological Infrastructure

ASELSAN's largest capital is its intellectual workforce which is able to design and develop products that can be manufactured. This strategic level of maturity is the primary element that moves ASELSAN forward every year.

ASELSAN not only hires successful graduates from leading national universities, but also goes to great lengths to raise the bar of our national academic environment to the highest level. By providing non-refundable PHD scholarships, we seek to support academics and ensure they serve as scientists.  

To increase the ratio of MS and PHD graduated personnel in R&D centers, ASELSAN support the employees by not only providing their transfer to the universities but also letting them use the ASELSAN resources in case of need.

ASELSAN started a new PHD scholarship in 2013. The aim of this scholarship is to support PHD studies in the designated software engineering areas. An agreement is made between ASELSAN and Twente University (Holland) about this scholarship. It is recommended that scholarship students shall work in ASELSAN after the PHD studies.

In recent years, publicity of ASELSAN is placed emphasis on and hence an increasing number of PHD degreed, experienced engineers are employed in ASELSAN.

For the improvement of the R&D employees, they are encouraged to attend international and domestic conferences and trainings. Publication of their studies in the conferences is supported.

ASELSAN engineers develop systems, products and materials in a wide spectrum from avionics to naval and land platforms. We have the necessary equipment of design, analysis, test and production infrastructures. Every year by extra investments these infrastructures are updated and improved. ASELSAN also supports the universities' and SMEs' infrastructures and ensure that they are used efficiently.