Technological Depth


R&D Expenditures

By underlying the concept of "technology" in its vision, ASELSAN has adopted the principle of "becoming one of the world's top 50 defense corporations by continuously producing value with customer-oriented approach and its employees". The company considers R&D activities as an important instrument in achieving its target. Besides the R&D activities that it has performed in accordance with its contractual liabilities, ASELSAN also allocates an average of 7% of its annual turnover to R&D activities, which are financed internally.

​​​Consolidated R&D Expenditures (USD, million)
R&D Expenditures Financed From Internal Resources​ 85
​R&D Expenditures Financed From External Resources ​ 244
Total R&D Expenditures ​ 329

R&D Projects That Are Financed From Internal Resources

In parallel with technological developments, ASELSAN carries out more than 100 non-contracted R&D projects that are financed from its internal resources in order to meet our needs in the most appropriate manner. Some prominent projects are listed as follows:

    - Infrared Detector

Without any technology transfer, infrared thermal vision systems production technologies are gained in ASELSAN by the studies financed by internal resources and the government funded R&D investments.

    - HIZIR

Within the scope of underwater acoustics technologies, ASELSAN completed the development work for HIZIR, which protects surface combatants against torpedoes.

    - ACAR

With its development efforts launched in 2010, ACAR – the newest addition to ASELSAN’s range of ground surveillance radars- was made ready for serial production.

    - SAHAB

The Virtual Air Gap (SAHAB) Project was conducted with the cooperation between the defense industry, universities and SMEs in order to enable data exchange between corporate networks and networks with different security levels.​