Secondary Public Offering Price Range



Our Board of Directors has resolved the following matter in the Board of Directors Meeting dated 24.05.2018;

Determination of the offer price range of 140.000.000 shares with a nominal value of TL 140.000.000 that are issued by increasing Company's issued share capital of TL to TL; provided that the offer price remains within the price range that was notified to the Company, designated by Borsa İstanbul A.Ş. as per Borsa İstanbul A.Ş.'s Practice and Principles of Wholesale Sales Operations by way of applying +/- 20% to the base price which is calculated by adjusting the average of the weighted average prices for the past 10 business days starting from the business day prior to the application date to the nearest price increment; and determination of the offer price range per offer share with a nominal value of TL 1 as TL 21.35 - TL 26.00.​