MINI GIMBAL - Electro-Optical Reconnaissance And Surveillance System

Mini Gimbal - Electro-Optical Reconnaissance and Surveillance System is a high performance electro-optical system designed for fixed-wing and rotary-wing, mini and micro Unmanned Air Systems (UASs). Mini Gimbal is a compact and light-weight system with IR or TV sensors available, one at a time. Exchange of sensors (IR/TV) is possible while system is mounted on the platform. Laser Pointer is present in all configurations with a stabilized gimbal.


  • Mini/Micro Unmanned Air Systems

Main Features

  • Compact and Light-Weight System
  • IR or TV Sensor Selections
  • Exchange of Sensors (IR/TV) While System is Mounted on the Platform
  • Laser Pointer in All Configurations
  • Symbology (Optional)
  • Target Tracking (Optional)
  • Different Camera Selections for Different Missions
  • Continuous Rotation in Azimuth Axis (Optional)
  • Gyroscope
  • Stabilized Gimbal
  • Low Power Consumption

Technical Specifications

 Sensor 1Sensor 2Sensor 3Sensor 4
Sensor Type

Uncooled LWIR


Zoom TV


Sensor Resolutions640x512640x512Standard DefinitionStandard Definition

Fields of View (FOVs)


24.8°17.7°57.8° - 1.7°46.0° - 4.6°
Field of Regard (FOR)

Azimuth: -90° to +90° (Without Options)

Azimuth: 360° continuous (With Options)

Elevation: -90° to +90°

(Gimbal movement capability)

Laser Pointer

Wavelength: NIR

(Compatible with Night Vision Goggles (NVGs))

Communication Interface

RS-422 or RS-232


Ethernet (With Options)

Video Interface


(RS-170/NTSC Available)

Power Interface9-18 VDC
Power Consumption

Without options:

< 7 W (Nominal)

< 15 W (Maximum)

With options:

< 10 W (Nominal)

< 18 W (Maximum)

SizeDiameter: 120 mm

Height: 170 mm (Without Options)

Height: 180 mm (With Options)


(Without Options)

1020 gr1070 gr1120 gr970 gr


(With Options)

1270 gr1320 gr1370 gr1220 gr

Note: All tolerances are within ±10%. Specifications may change without prior notice.