​​​​ASELSAN Compact Fire Control System (C-FCS) is primarily designed for light main battle tanks and infantry fighting vehicles. C-FCS gives observation capability as well as utilization of fire control functions to the gunner and the commander under sever weather and harsh battlefield conditioons. Besides, C-FCS is an All-In-One system solution consisting of ballistic calculations, line of sight stabilization, image processing.

Supportive systems such as Laser Warning System, Driver's Vision System, can also be integrated with C-FCS in order to improve the survivability of the vehicle.

Kullanım ​Alanları

C-FCS is specifically designed for T-72 MBT's. All types of armoured vehicles and main battle tanks are also suitable for C-FCS upgrade.

General ​Specifications

  • Hunter-Killer mode with two independent periscopes
  • High Firts Round Hit Probability with Sight/Gun stabilization
  • Automatic Target Tracker
  • High Performance within a small volume
  • User customizable user friendly interface
  • Inertial Navigation
  • Moduler architecture
  • Low-cost & cost effective.
  • Flexible Structure

    Base Confi​​guration

  • Sight is slave to gun
  • Atutomatic ballistics
  • (Optional) Inertial Stabilization and stabilized image

Full Stabilized Co​​nfiguration

  • Sight is stabilized perfectly and independently
  • Inertial Stabilization with stabilized image
  • Automatic Target Tracker
  • Gun is slave to sight
  • Automatic Ballistics.

Fuuly-Stabilized​​ Hunter-Killer Configuration

  • Both sights iare stabilized perfectly and independently
  • Inertial Stabilization with stabilized image
  • Automatic Target Tracker for both periscopes
  • Gun is slave to selected sight
  • Automatic Ballistics in both sights
  • 360 degrees of freedom horizontally in C-CP

Technical Specificat​​​ions

Gunner's and Commander's Per​​iscope

C-FCS composed of Gunner's Periscope (C_GP) and Commander's Periscope (C_CP) with similar sub units and assemblies. The number of LRU's shall be minimum and the architecture shall be simple in this way.​

  • Each Periscope is an independent FCS
  • High quality thermal imagery
  • High quality day light imagery
  • Eye-safe LRF
  • Two axis stabilization
  • 360°panaromic commander's sight
  • Customizable UI
  • Stabilized Head Mirror
    • -9°/+20° elevation
    • Two-axis stabilization accuracy better than100 urad (1σ RMS)
  • Thermal Sight Unit
    • Cooled  8-12 um or 3-5 um dedector
    • Electronic Zoom
    • RS 422 Communication
    • Adjustable Brightness/Contrast/Focus
    • Image Processing Algorithms
    • Cooldown time less than 7 min
    • FOV
      • 8-12 um dedector (Horizontal) 3.7°/10.3°
      • 3-5 um dedector (Horizontal) 2°/12.5°
  • Laser Range Finder
    • Eye-safe Class-1 Laser
    • 1.54 um wavelength
    • 200-20.000 m range
    • ±5m accuracy
    • 0.75 mrad divergence
    • Reflection Selection
  • Daylight Camera
    • CCD type dedector
    • 1.7° - 57.8° FOV (continuous)
    • Electronic Zoom
    • Automatic focus


Inertial Navigat​​ion Unit

INS provides accurate acceleration, speed and location information with its inertial sensor data. Its fiber optical gyroscopes maintains its reliability in navigation without the probability of GPS fooling and spoofing. Modular structure gives its ability to be integrated on all platforms.​


In order to provide accurate fire control functions and precise ballistic calculations the following sensors are involved in the system architecture: gun position sensor, turret position sensor, meteorological sensor inclinometer, GPS/Glonass receiver.

User Inte​rface

System includes a multifunctional and simplified Control and Display Units for control and monitoring functions for gunner and commander. Easy user interface provides simplicity. Also, Control handles are specifically designed for effectiveness and simplicity to provide better handling of the FCS. Fast communication interface provides zero-lag operation.


Note: All tolerances are within ±10%. Specifications may change without prior notice.