In the process of development of smart ammunitions, miniature telemetry systems are used to save the data related to the effects of environmental conditions on ammunition so that the data can be used in the subsequent analyses.  

Telemetry RF Module developed by ASELSAN-REHİS Group is durable to approximately high firing shock of 60.000 g, high rotational velocity of 25.000 rpm, high vibration levels and fits very small volume. Miniature Telemetry RF Module is in 24 millimeters diameter and 21 millimeters height. Moreover, Receiver RF Module located in the ground station has also been developed by ASELSAN REHİS Group. During firing tests in test range, it was observed that the data has been successfully transferred from the Telemetry RF Module on munitions to the Receiver RF Module in the ground station. Field-proven Miniature Telemetry RF Module has been developed for use in general purpose tests in the projects carried out in ASELSAN.