Repeater Radio and Mobile Repeater Peripherals and Accessories

Duplexer Unit

Repeaters are duplex devices that can receive and transmit at the same time. The use of a single antenna by combining the receiving and transmitting lines of these devices is advantageous in terms of practicality, installation and mounting. For this reason, using 4- or 6-cavity duplex units, the receiving and transmitting signals can be combined in a healthy way by providing the necessary isolation between the receiving and transmitting lines.


  • Duplexer models that can operate with a receive-transmit frequency of 500 KHz in VHF, 5MHz in VHF are available for the fixed type repeater radios.
  • Compact duplexer models that can operate with a receive-transmit frequency separation of 4 to 6 MHz in VHF and UHF are available for on mobile repeater radios.


Combiner Devices

Combiner units are used to combine the transmit signals of up to 8 repeaters in a multi-channel base station for transmission using a single transmit antenna.


Cavity and Hybrid type combiners are available.

  • Cavity type combiners are large in size and the minimum separation between transmit frequencies is high (150 KHz in VHF, 250 KHz in UHF), but the insertion loss is small (at levels of 3.6 to 4 dB for 4 channel combiners) and are preferred because they provide transmission coverage advantages.
  • 2/3/4/5/6/8 channel cavity type combiner units are available.
  • Hybrid type combiners are small in size, and the minimum separation between transmission frequencies is low (25 KHz) but the insertion loss is high (7-8 dB for 4 channel combiners).
  • 2/4/6/8 channel hybrid type combiner units are available. 


Multicoupler Devices

Multichannel base stations use multicoupler units that de-multiplex signals received from a single antenna into a plurality of lines that are then directed to the repeaters.


These units, which have no insertion loss, have a gain of 0 to 2 dB.

  • 4/8/16 channel multicoupler units are available.
  • Models with a pre-selector bandpass filter of 2MHz at VHF and 4MHz at UHF are also available. The pre-selector option provides an advantage in assemblies and / or in environments with interference where the Tx-Rx isolation is problematic.
  • 220V-AC or DC power supplied types are available.




Depending on the targeted coverage area, there are various antenna options suitable for rough climate and outdoor conditions.

  • Omnidirectional 360o antennas with low (0 dB) and medium gain (3 dB)
  • Omnidirectional 360o antennas with high gain (5 to 8 dB) and high power rating
  • 60o  or 90o  directional Yagi antennas (5 to 10 dB),
  • 120o  sectoral antennas
  • 180o  directional dipole antennas


Control Units (for 4900 Atlas Repeater Radios and 4900 Atlas Mobile Repeaters)


With regard to the 4900 Atlas Repeater Radio and the 4900 Atlas Mobile Repeater Radios, controls units can be used for functions such as:

Displaying the current channel

Changing an existing channel

Viewing error / warning messages

4900 Atlas Repeater Radios and Standard Control Unit are recommended. For the 4900 Mobile Atlas Repeater Radios, the use of the Handheld Control Unit is recommended. Both types of control units can be used with both types of repeater radio, although this type of operation is recommended.


Side Units in Base Station Configuration

Antenna Tower

Our inventory includes different types (Lattice or Monopole) of antenna towers with different heights (30m, 50m or 75m).



Site Cabinet / Container

For a better protection and an easier connection of the antennas and cables, the repeater radios, duplexers, combiner, multicoupler units are mounted in cabinets on the sites (Base Station).

For site cabinets there are different height options such as 6U, 12U, 19U, 24U and 42U. The site cabinets can be used in a building as well as in containers. Containers are used when the site is to be located outside the building (high point outside habitation zones). Repeater radios and other peripherals are protected from unfavorable environmental conditions by unauthorized persons through the containers.



Microwave Radio link.

Microwave radio links are used to communicate between sites or between a site and a center. Radio link connections are backed up internally, thus ensuring the continuity of connection of the sites in case of failure.



Energy Related Units

Our inventory includes generators, UPS, solar panels, grounding and electrical equipment to meet the energy needs of all the devices on the site. Based on the user needs and site infrastructure, the most appropriate solutions for energy are provided.



Alarm Collection System and Security Related Units

In order to ensure the security of the sites, various solutions have been developed to include remote monitoring of the sites. If required, voice warning / announcement systems, security cameras, door alarms, wire fences, aircraft warning lamps etc. are available in our inventory. Information regarding events such as unauthorized opening of the door, failure of repeater radios and / or antennas, temperature inside the container, etc., will be sent to the system management center so that authorized personnel will be informed if there is a situation that needs to be intervened. This ensures that the system operates smoothly and reliably.


 Side Unit and Accessory type and / or stock number are subject to change without prior notice