System Center and Field Installations


ASELSAN uses the products and systems that it has developed in accordance with user requirements and international standards, on the same premises, on the field, on buildings or on platforms. In this scope;

  • Field, building or platform surveys
  • System / product specific construction works on the site, building or platform to be installed
  • Electrical infrastructure works
  • Installation of custom data transmission lines for buildings or platforms
  • Product / System assembly
  • Product / System operation
  • Integration with existing systems
  • Field / platform testing and optimization

operations are carried out.

During the surveys, the infrastructure and the needs for the installation to be installed are determined on site. The results obtained from these studies are combined with the theoretical studies and the construction and electrical infrastructure of the field is made prepared. Before the product / system assembly phase, the necessary data transmission lines are completed and the whole infrastructure is made prepared.

After ongoing work with the installation phase, the product / system becomes ready for operation. Product / system commissioning activities are performed with configurations preloaded or loaded during field trials. Integrations to existing systems are also carried out if needed.

As the final stage; Tests are carried out to confirm that the product / system operates in accordance with the requirements and standards. According to the test results, if necessary, optimization work is carried out to achieve the best performance of the product / system.