P25 Conventional Wide Area System

P25 (Phase-1) Conventional Wide Area System solution;

  • Demanding use in a wide area
  • Requiring data communication in addition to voice communication,
  • In need of  a system management center due to requirements such as audio / data traffic and tracking radio locations
  • If the number of user groups is not too large
  • There is no obligation to use TDMA (Time-Division Multiple Access) because there is no problem with frequency assignment.
  • Generally, presented as encrypted or non- encrypted for users who need communication in rural / mountain areas.

ASELSAN, P25 offers a turnkey system solution for Conventional Wide Area architecture. For this architecture, both infrastructure (base stations and switching unit), end user products (both radios and applications) and integration / installation solutions are provided.


 The APCO25 Conventional Wide Area System solution supports the following applications:

  • Vehicle and Personnel Tracking Application *
  • Messaging (E-Mail) Application *
  • Database Query Application *
  • Operator Console (Dispatcher)
  • Diagnostic Application Software
  • Call Taking Software

(These applications are not supported in direct mode operation)

*: Can be used at both the system management center and the field.

If the communication needs of users change and they need a more advanced solution;

  • Addition of new repeater radios and the device named "site trunk control unit" to the base stations established for the P25 Conventional Wide Area System
  • Modification of the switching unit in the system management center for trunk architecture
  • Modification of radios to trunk architecture

As a result of these, it is possible to switch to the P25 Trunk Wide Area System configuration.