Airborne Satellite Communication Terminal

Airborne Satellite Communication Terminal is designed by ASELSAN to provide IP based, secure/non secure voice, data, video teleconferencing and fax communication via satellite for Unmanned Air Vehicles (UAV), Maritime Patrol Aeroplanes (MPA), Commercial / Military Aircraft and other airborne platforms.

Airborne Satellite Communication Terminal capable of tracking the satellite with high accuracy and has 2 - axes stabilization and polarization tracking. The pedestal and reflector are manufactured from carbon fiber composite which makes the antenna system lightweighted and strong.


​Features of Airborne Satellite Communication Terminal
​X, Ku or Ka Band Solutions

 ASELSAN Design;

      1. Antenna Subsystems
      2. Antenna Control Subsystems (Antenna Control Unit, Stabilize Antenna Pedestal)
      3. Airborne Satellite Modem Subsystems (Airborne Satellite Modem, Airborne Beacon Receiver)
​ ITU and FCC compliant
​Compatible with EMI/EMC and environmental standards
​Data transfer rate up to 20 Mbps
​Customizable Waveform Design

​Efficient spectrum usage

      1. Adaptive coding and modulation
      2. Dynamic channel management
      3. IP throughput optimization
​DAMA / PAMA management
​Customizable encryption algorithms