155 mm Panter Howitzer Fire Control System provides the computer-aided fire preparation, fire direction and fire control for 155 Panter howitzers and digital integration to other fire support systems.​

Technical Specifications

  • Fire planning and fire mission execution in digital environment,
  • Continuous location and gun heading measurement by means of Inertial Navigation System,
  • Muzzle Velocity Management using information from Muzzle Velocity Radar,
  • Rapid & accurate ballistic calculation,
  • Computation of firing commands using NATO Armaments Ballistic Kernel (NABK), 
  • Display of fire command prepared by ballistic calculation,
  • Automated and precise gun laying,
  • Data communications with Fire Support Systems via Digital Radios,
  • Display of battlefield information on a digital map,
  • Mission oriented, menu driven graphical user interface,

System Units

  • Fire Control Computer
  • Howitzer Commander Display Unit
  • System Control Unit
  • Flick Rammer Control Unit
  • Inertial Navigation System
  • Muzzle Velocity Radar
  • Power System
  • Digital Radio
  • Servo Driver Unit and Azimuth/Elevation Motors