Land-Based Transportable Radar Electronic Attack System

Land-Based Transportable Radar Electronic Attack System is developed to jam and deceive conventional and complex type of hostile radars.
General Features

    ​Designed to intercept and jam and/or deceive hostile radar emitters. It analyses multi-target signals and automatically/manually generates an appropriate response.
    Wide operating frequency range
    Multiple target capability
    Wide-band digital receiver for signal detection, discrimination and reproduction
    DRFM based deception capability
    Up to %100 duty cycle
    High power RF amplifiers and directive transmit antennas to allow high ERP
    Independent transmit antenna for each amplifier
    Each antenna can be steered separately​
    Look-through capability
    Integral threat and technique libraries
    Single operator, single vehicle
    High reliability and high availability
    Ruggedized for use in harsh environments
    Modular architecture to allow easy customization
    System-in-test and Built-in-test capability
    Local or remote control
    Secure voice and data communications with other EW systems