PRC V/UHF SDR Handheld Radios

SAHARA PRC-5333 V/UHF New Generation Tactical Handheld Radio

PRC-5333 is a new generation Software Defined Networking Radio (SDNR) that is designed not only to provide continuous audio, high speed data and video communications but also to support situational awareness applications for the user in the tactical field. A wide operating frequency spectrum bandwidth of 30-512 MHz and high level Electronic Warfare Protection features provides much more field maintenance ability to PRC-5333.

PRC-5333 enriches military handheld radio usage a new concept with its 4 inches capacitive display, multi-touch feature with image enlargement/reduction, built-in camera, built-in GNSS receiver and high data transfer rate.

PRC-5333 handheld radio has a software defined architecture providing the following advantages:

- By using different waveforms on the same radio hardware, different units can communicate with each other in the tactical field.

- Waveforms on the radio can be updated.

- New waveforms and features can be added to the radio.

- New application softwares can be added.

PRC-5333 has the capability to fulfill all the strategical and tactical communication requirements. By its user friendly interface , the required communication mode can be selected without loading any software and by just selecting the related waveform (mode) from the user interface.

PRC-5333 is designed to be compatible to MIL-STD-810G Environmental Standards and MIL-STD-461E EMI/EMC standard

PRC-9651 V/UHF Tactical SDR Handheld Radio

PRC-9651 V/UHF Handheld Radio is designed to perform voice, data and video communication for tactical users in the field.

PRC-9651 Handheld Radio offers much higher survivability than traditional radios against electronic warfare threats.

It operates in 30-512 MHz frequency band. AM and FM modulation schemes are supported in different modes. Thanks to software defined radio structure, clear, encrypted and frequency hopping voice and data communication can be performed with a single hardware in the tactical field for land and air platform systems. Besides, strategic and tactical communication system subscribers also have the ability to meet fully automatic communication needs. The user can easily change operation mode by selecting the waveform in the radio menu.