Radar Systems

ASELSAN is a global provider of advanced radar systems serving both military and civilian markets. Through significant investments and devotion to research and development, ASELSAN has evolved into a forward-looking technology company providing turnkey radar solutions to customers throughout the world.

ASELSAN has introduced to the market a variety of radar innovations covering  land, naval and airborne platforms. Today, ASELSAN’s radar product portfolio includes air defense, reconnaissance and surveillance, airborne imaging and weapon locating radar systems. ASELSAN radar system expertise covers frequency bands L through Ka Band and encompasses advanced radar technologies such as active phased array, GaAs and GaN based Transmit/Receive Modules.

With its award-winning new facility in the south of Ankara, dedicated to radar and EW systems, ASELSAN has solidified its place as Turkey’s Center of Excellence for Radar Technology and has proven itself as a major player among the world’s largest radar manufacturers. ASELSAN radar solutions fully address the increasingly sophisticated global challenges of this century.​