Next Big Move to Türkiye Project

In compliance with the field of activities, strategic goals and projects at ASELSAN, not only we recruit, train and strengthen exquisite talent in Turkey, but also we aim to attract Turkish talents who live, work and/or study abroad.

Our target is to reach and inform those talented people about projects, innovations and capabilities at ASELSAN as well as R&D projects going on in Turkey where they can implement their educational background and pursue their professional experience. In this regard, we have travelled to the Silicon Valley in USA, two times, to perform presentations and interviews at several locations; we have contacted professionals, scholars and student organizations at Stanford, Berkeley, Ohio State and MIT. Our managers have participated in the meetings of TASSA (Turkish American Scientists and Scholars Association) and TÜBİTAK (The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey) and help professionals contact with the scholars who are conducting significant research and/or continuing their post-graduate education.

As a result of our campaign, almost 100 talents have come back to Turkey and became a member of ASELSAN family. Six out of ten project proposals, presented by those employees, are awarded with support by the European Union funds. ASELSAN also supports and encourages its employees by providing all necessary equipments, materials as well as enough time to work on their proposals.

Our ultimate goal as ASELSAN family, is to carry on competing with the nations with the highest of standards by investing in education, science and R&D. To achieve that goal, we invest in people.​