Open Innovation Activities

Customer co-creation

ASELSAN defines its customer as the initial spark to create innovation. Co-creation activities play important role in design, improvement and development of large product range of ASELSAN.​

Co-operation with Universities​​

Universities are one of the most important stakeholders of defense companies, whose primary capital is qualified man power. Working in close cooperation with universities, ASELSAN carries out joint projects with 20 universities. Since 2009, these 20 universities conducted 167 projects worth a total of USD 113 million.

In 2012, a number of unique projects were initiated with the cooperation between the defense industry and universities in order to ensure that fundamental research is conducted by universities and the related practices are industrialized by ASELSAN.

Within the scope of projects such as "Eymir", "Gediz", "Kangal" and "Elmas", ASELSAN, in cooperation with METU, Cumhuriyet University, Sabancı University and the Izmir High Technology.

Institute, aimed to conduct leading edge technology development projects, such as those that deal with the basic elements of infrared detectors and night vision compatible displays. ASELSAN started organic light emitting diodes based display research using Graphene, the extraordinary carbon allotrope, researchers of whom won the 2010 Nobel Physics Prize.

The targeted results were achieved in joint activities conducted since 2002 by ASELSAN and BİLKENT University for the production of Gallium Nitrate (GaN) semiconductors and microwave transistors, which offer a higher performance in new generation radars and electronic warfare systems. The first GaN transistors were successfully manufactured.​

Publically funded R&D Consortia

Thanks to its activities during the period 2007-2012, ASELSAN became the most successful industrial corporation in Turkey benefiting from the European Union's R&D funds.

In 2012 ASELSAN actively participated in European Union's R&D programs in three categories:

    - 7th Framework Programme Security and Space

    - 7th Framework Programme Marie Curie Funds

    - EUREKA Program

Projects included in the 7th Framework Programme

    - TALOS (Transportable Autonomous Patrol for Land Border Surveillance System) Project

    - HYPERION (Hyperspectral Imaging IED and Explosives Reconnaissance System) Project

    - SUBCOP (Suicide Bomber Counteraction and Prevention) Project

7th Framework Programme Marie Curie Funds

The 7th Framework Programme Marie Curie International Reintegration funds aim to reverse the brain drain of talent that has been leaving Europe. According to the judgment of international arbitrators, all offers made by ASELSAN were deemed worthy of funding.

ASELSAN is one of the most successful industrial corporations in the EU's Marie Curie Program.

    - POCS-DSR (POCS based Depth Super-Resolution) Project

    - SMART MEMORY Project

    - SMARTENC (Smart Video Encoders for Wireless Surveillance Networks) Project

    - ASEL-MID-IR (Compact, High-Energy and Wavelength-Diverse Coherent Mid-Infrared Source) Project​

Projects within the scope of the EUREKA Program

    - RECONSURVE (Reconfigurable Surveillance System with Communicating Smart Sensors) Project

    - SPY (Surveillance Improved System) Project​

Informal netw​orking

ASELSAN participates events including national and international organizations, fairs, symposiums workshops etc. in order to follow technological and industrial developments.

Contracting of external R&D service providers

Joint venture activities with external partners

IP out-licensing, patent and know-how selling

Idea Competitions

Innovative ideas outside the company are also gathered by our website, evaluated by ASELSAN Technology Supreme Board and could be reflected to products and services. ​